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Pirates of the Patoka

Ahoy mateys and landlubbers!!

Patoka Pete and the Pirates of the Patoka cruise up and down the Patoka River, plundering and pilfering like pirates do.

Climb aboard our pirate ship and find the 9 pieces of 8 the pirates have stolen before Patoka Pete and his crew return.

Warning: Failure to escape in 60 minutes when the pirates return could result in you walking the plank!!

The Case of the Missing Music

Yesterday in our music room, we put some music on, cranked it up really loud, plugged in our microphone, and we were singing along (because we were the only ones in the building)!! Today, we put some music on, cranked it up and went to plug the mic in so we could sing, but the microphone and other things were missing!!
Can you solve the Case of the Missing Music?

leprechaun photo[2543].jpg

Leprechaun on the Loose

That tricky little leprechaun, Phil O'Blarney is back!!

Get your leprechaun traps ready.....

or at least be ready to escape his trap!!

When you trap a leprechaun, you get granted 3 wishes,

but when a leprechaun traps you, you have 1 hour to escape!!

Can you escape from Phil O'Blarney's trickery?

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